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Tobin Herpetological Training and Consulting Services

One of the biggest problems facing the Reptile and Amphibian pet industry today is inadequate care of the animals that people acquire. Animal rights activists and local governments are actively pursuing laws and ordinances that could prevent or limit the public's right to care for Reptiles and Amphibians. One of the largest reasons they cite for creating such laws is that people are improperly caring for their animals.

To combat this area of concern Tobin Herpetological sees a need in the marketplace for well trained well informed staff to provide proper husbandry and care information to the public. Because of this need we launched a training and education program focusing directly on that issue. By giving the correct information at the point the public acquires an animal we can work to overcoming that problem of getting inadequate information. Through our training programs your staff will learn the proper care and husbandry for several of the animals commonly sold in today's pet trade. Your staff will also learn how to use the products in your store to affectively promote proper care and husbandry, thus increasing your sales.

Tobin Herpetological can also provide in store demonstrations and how to clinics for the public to directly educate them on how to use products that you offer to care for their animals. We also offer consulting services that help the retailer to select what products should have on hand and product placement within the store.

To learn more our background in these services and our fee schedule visit our Consulting Background page and our Fee Schedule Page.

To Schedule a consultation, training program, or in store demonstration please contact Eric Tobin at 269-788-2726 or via email at


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