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Tobin International Fee Schedule

Consulting Fee Schedule

  • Consulting Services: $50 per hour plus travel and expenses.*
    We have the capability to have a representative offer consulting services and guidance for business planning, marketing, social media, strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, market research, product placement, product selection, policies and procedures, community development, master plans, preparation for lending, finance, market research, surveys and survey analysis, and governance. (*Non Profits and Municipalities may qualify for a special discount, inquire to see if you qualify)(a signing bonus may also apply)

Reptile Training Program Fee Schedule

  • Employee Training Module 1: $50 Plus Materials and Travel Costs.
    Module one is an overview for all employees designed to give them very basic knowledge in order to give accurate husbandry information to the customer. This includes learning about the basic elements of care of Reptiles and Amphibians, such as lighting, humidity, diet, and the use of care books. This program is not designed to create reptile experts but to give the underlying basics to be able to help the customer make informed decisions about Reptiles and Amphibians. This program should last 1 to 1.5 hours.

  • Employee Training Module 2: $50 Plus Materials and Travel Costs.
    This program is designed for those staff that will routinely be in or near the Reptile and Amphibian area and will need to have some advanced knowledge. In this program we cover actual species accounts more in detail and discuss what products within the store can benefit the customer in care of different animals. This program may or may not use live animals depending upon the store and the animals it regularly carries. This program should last 1.5 to 2 hours.

Reptile Related In Store Demonstrations and How to Clinics Fee Schedule

  • In Store Demonstrations-without Animals: $30 Per hour.
    These are demonstrations where we are demonstrating the use of products such as Advanced Vivarium Technology enclosures along with other products within the store to the public. We would be on hand to answer questions and help people to become educated in the use of products to properly care for any Reptile and Amphibian they would have.

  • In Store Demonstrations with Animal: $45 First hour, $25 each additional hour.
    This program would be same as above but would include live animals provided by Tobin Herpetological.

  • How to Clinics: $30 each hour
    This program would be similar to the In Store Demonstrations but would be geared towards a specific theme as a presentation with a question and answer session at the end, instead of having an individual or group of individuals sitting at a table.

To Schedule a consultation, training program, or in store demonstration please contact Eric Tobin at 269-788-2726 or via email at


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